Walk-behind tractors

Walk-behind tractors

We are the exclusive Agrimac distributor for the North or the United Kingdom with a hire fleet of Agrimac rough terrain 4×4 forklifts, Agrimac Dumpers and Agrimac Tractors for UK wide sale and hire. 

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A-1006 Petrol Walk-Behind Tractor

The 607 rotary tiller is a technically highly advanced professional model. It has four gears: three forward and one reverse. The first forward gear is extremely low and intended for hiling. It can also be fitted with farming implements such as a potato lifter.

A-1007 Petrol Walk-Behind Tractor

The 1007 walk-behind tractor is the most advanced of the hobby range, which is designed for domestic use and working plots of around one hectare.

A-1012 Petrol Walk-Behind Tractor

The A1012 walk-behind tractor is the petrol version of the A1011. Like its diesel counterpart, this is a machine designed with professionals in mind. The main difference is the engine. The A1012 has an 8.6 horsepower Honda petrol engine.

A-1015 Diesel Walk-Behind Tractor

The A1015 walk-behind tractor is the most complete machine manufactured by Agrimac. Here in Spain it is also affectionately known as the Mechanical Mule. It is the most powerful and best equipped of any of the machines manufactured by Agrimac.

A-1013 Diesel Walk-Behind Tractor

The A1013 walk-behind tractor is a totally professional machine. Not only for its performance, but also its features and equipment. It is designed for ploughing large areas every day under demanding conditions. To do so, it is fitted with a 12.2 HP Lombardini diesel engine.

A-1011 diesel walk-behind tractor

The A1011 diesel walk-behind tractor features a range of professional features, performance levels and components. And within this category, in comparison with all the other machines on the market, it is the lightest in relation to the 11 horsepower it produces.