TW21 forklift truck

The TW21 forklift truck is a 50 HP, wheel motors model with a 2.100 kg lifting capacity. Its design represents a technological breakthrough over its predecessor, the TH-210.

The implementation of hydraulic wheel motors technology provides notable advantages: huge maintenance costs reduction; higher efficiency of the 4×4 traction; grip enhancing;better optimization of the weight distribution and a lower fuel consumption.

The wheel motor technology is a leap over the differential axles system. The force distribution in the four axles of the vehicle is controlled by an anti-skid block system that synchronizes the effort of each wheel with greater efficiency in grip and fuel costs. In addition, it is a simpler system, with fewer mechanical components which allows a lighter vehicle. In addition, it requires practically no maintenance.

Another important feature is the cooling system. There are two independent radiators: one for the central engine and other for the hydraulic circuit. This additional cooling capacity guarantees 50 degrees oil temperature, which prolongs the forklift useful life in a long period of time.

The TW21 forklift truck is powered by a Perkins 50 HP Stage III A engine. The choice of this engine is focused on reducing maintenance costs. Other engines with electronic control unit are more expensive to maintain and also require a costly particles filter regenerations.