TW16 forklift truck

Thanks to wheel motor technology, the TW16 forklift, designed in 2019, is placed in the forefront of the industrial and logistics sector. The hydraulic motors located in the each wheel axle provide a perfect transmission of power to the ground, thus gaining in efficiency and minimizing the loss of energy between combustion and translation. This type of equipment is much simpler than the old one with differential axles, has fewer mechanical parts, less weight, less fuel consumption and requires less service. In other words: longer machine life with greater savings in fuel and maintenance.

The wheel motor feature incorporates an anti-skid block system coordonating the effort of the wheels. It provides more or less power depending on the action of each wheel allowing the assembly to work in sync. This ensures a perfect relationship between the wheels and the size of them becomes irrelevant. The grip is assured in all circumstances and surfaces.

The TW16 forklift truck is powered by a 25 HP Kubota diesel engine, which guarantees the highest performance without reducing its useful life. This engine has a peculiarity that makes it very valuable. It complies with Stage V emissions without the electronic injection or particle filter requirement. It means savings in filters (avoiding filter regeneration) and savings in engine servicing ( since the engines with electronic parts involve higher service costs).

In accordance with the European Union regulation this Kubota engine is limited to 2,300 rpm and 19 KW. However, the torque remains at the initial value: 92.5 Nm. In this way, it provides high power with a low fuel consumption.