TH-350 forklift truck

The TH-350 hydrostatic forklift is a four-wheel drive model designed for industrial use. Lifts 3,500 kilos to a height of six metres. This is the best equipped and most powerful model manufactured by Agrimac. It is fitted with a 65 HP Deutz engine and has a top speed of 24 km/h under full load.

This machine is fitted with the best quality parts. From the German engine to the mast we manufacture here in-house and the wheels, chassis, etc., everything is made in Europe using the finest materials and has passed all quality controls with flying colours.

The TH-350 is a very robust forklift designed for maximum performance under the most demanding of conditions. Thanks to its ground clearance, its four large equal-sized wheels and 4×4 drive, it moves nimbly across muddy or rocky terrain and negotiates obstacles such as rocks, kerbs and potholes with ease. Traction can be changed from 4×4 to 4×2 by way of an electro-hydraulic switch without stopping the vehicle when moving onto better terrain, thereby saving fuel.

This machine is designed to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions: torrential rain, frost, extreme heat, etc. For working in the latter, the machine is equipped with an air-oil cooling system.

The TH-350 forklift has been designed down to the very last detail and with maximum precision with one of the results being a weight distribution that enables the inclusion of a counterweight lighter than those normally used. With the lighter weight, the engine works at fewer revolutions, thereby saving fuel. The ratio of power generated to fuel consumed is the best that can be found anywhere on the market. For the power it provides, it has one of the lowest fuel consumptions on the market. If the price of the forklift is extrapolated across its entire working life, the TH-350 is extremely cheap and, therefore, an investment that more than makes up for the outlay.

Maintenance is another aspect where the owner of this forklift makes significant savings. The TH-350 is configured not to malfunction. Reliability is the flagship claim of the TH series. Firstly, this is achieved anticipating breakdowns. This is why, the forklift is fitted with a minimex system. Secondly, being able to act when an anomaly is spotted. For these cases, our answer is the tilting cab, which enables the mechanical parts to be easily accessed using a gas-cylinder powered mechanism. This system is designed for servicing the forklift in situ without the need to remove anything or having to transport the vehicle to the repair shop.

The excellent weight distribution gives the forklift great stability. This can be seen in the smooth drive and the ease with which it can be manoeuvred. Also, the driver can see the load at all times regardless of its position. The windscreen and roof are made up of a single curved piece of glass. The way the mast is positioned also provides great visibility.

Another element that contributes driving comfort and safety is the silent block. Finally, it is well worth mentioning that the TH-350 can be fitted with an open, semi-open or closed cab. The closed-cab option comes with air-conditioning and heating.