TH-300 forklift truck

The TH-300 hydrostatic forklift is a 4×4 model for industrial use. It lifts 3,000 kilos to a height of six metres. It is fitted with a four-cylinder Deutz engine that produces 65 horsepower and a top speed of 24 km/h.

This is a machine especially designed to work hard while travelling over complicated ground conditions such as muddy and rocky areas. Thanks to the large size of its four equal-sized wheels and its high ground clearance, it can easily negotiate potholes, stones, dips, kerbs, etc. without losing stability. Its 4×4 traction can be disconnected whilst on the move when moving on to flatter terrain. It is designed to work outdoors in rain, frost and heat.

Its careful design gives it an excellent weight distribution. This means that it does not require such a heavy counterweight as those fitted to other forklifts on the market, and therefore the engine can run at lower revs and consume less fuel. This is also the thinking behind the savings achieved by fitting the electro hydraulic 4×4 disconnect switch.

All the parts of the TH-300, from the Deutz engine to the in-house manufactured mast are European-made and of the highest quality and have been subjected to the most demanding of strength tests. This quality results in reliability. The TH-300 does not malfunction, the cost of maintaining it is extremely low, and this is ensured by installing a minimex system that prevents faults in the hydrostatic system. Another element included with savings in mind is the tilting cab. It is moved using a gas-cylinder powered mechanism, thereby allowing easy access to the mechanical parts for servicing or repairing it in situ. This means that it is not necessary to take the machine to a repair shop and pay for parts to be replaced.

Despite its power, the TH-300 is extremely easy to drive, even by inexperienced operators. It is a fast forklift with a top speed of 24 km/h fully loaded. It also be manoeuvred very smoothly and safely. This has a lot to do with the great visibility provided by the position of the mast and the single piece of curved glass that forms both the windscreen and the roof, which keeps the load in full view at all times regardless of the height of the load. The silent block also provides comfort and safety.

The TH-300 can be fitted with an open, semi-open or closed cab. The closed-cab option comes with air-conditioning and heating.