TH-250 forklift truck

TH-250 forklift truck is a hydrostatic model with differential axle designed for industrial use. It lifts 2,500 kilos to heights of up to six metres thanks to the action of a fifty horsepower Deutz engine, which reaches a top speed of 24 km/h. This version of the TH series has been the preferred choice of construction sector professionals for many years. The capacity of lifting a quarter of a tonne is suitable to make the most of trips loaded with pallets of bricks, cement and building materials.

The TH-250 has two cab and mast configuration options: one has a low height in comparison with the majority of forklifts on the market, which enables entry into garages, storage facilities and any space in a building under construction; four-metre mast. And the other combines a cab height of 2.29 metres with a six-metre mast.

Another of the reasons for this preference among builders is the forklift’s design, which results in excellent weight distribution. This can be seen in the stability of the vehicle and, above all, in fuel savings. By using a lighter counterweight, the engine does not have to exert itself when travelling and can operate at a lower number of revs delivering an excellent performance. It goes without saying that less engine strain for the same work results in a longer working life both for the engine and the machinery in general. The small improvements in the design provide minor improvements in performance which, when multiplied by the thousands of machine working hours, lead to huge savings in fuel, materials, time and investment.

And these savings don’t stop here. Here at Agrimac we make every possible effort to ensure that our machines don’t malfunction, and we have achieved this with the TH-250 through prevention by installing a minimex system. The TH-250 is designed to be serviced in situ without having to be transported to a repair shop. Its mechanical parts can be easily accessed by tilting the cab using a gas-cylinder powered mechanism.

The TH-250 forklift truck has a reinforced structure and a robust design intended to withstand the most severe performance-related demands and adverse weather conditions. It is perfectly capable of working outdoors in the rain, heat and frost, and easily withstands rough use. It is highly manoeuvrable on muddy terrain and can drive over and around a whole host of obstacles such as stones, dips, potholes, etc. The large size of its four equal-sized wheels, its 20-cm ground clearance and 4×4 capability make it unstoppable. It can negotiate gradients of up to 38%.

It is not only extremely easy to drive, but can also be manoeuvred like a dream. And this is especially due to the great visibility provided by the mast. The load always remains within sight regardless of the height it s at thanks to the fact that one single piece of curved glass makes up the windscreen and roof.

The TH-250 can be fitted with an open, semi-open or closed cab. The closed-cab option comes with air-conditioning and heating.