TH-175c forklift truck

The TH-175 forklift truck is a hydrostatic vehicle with four-wheel drive traction run by a four-cylinder fifty horsepower Perkins engine. It lifts 1,750 kilos to a height of four metres with ease.

It is in the top group of the narrowest forklifts on the market: 140 centimetres, which makes it ideal for working in fields of crops and reduced spaces.

This forklift is designed to have excellent weight distribution, thereby allowing for a lighter counterweight and fuel savings. Another feature is its high ground clearance. This can be seen when moving across uneven ground and dodging obstacles. The TH-175 has the capacity to take gradients of up to 38% in its stride, negotiate muddy land and drive over stones, kerbs, gullies, etc.

Its four-wheel drive traction is very useful under these conditions and less so under others. For those rapid changes from one type of ground conditions to another, the vehicle is fitted with an electro-hydraulic disconnect switch, which takes it from 4×4 to 4×2 without stopping. It is very comfortable to drive thanks to the silent block, among other things. This forklift moves around fast and with ease and the operator can handle loads safely by providing a great visibility. The roof and windscreen consist of a single piece of curved glass that ensures the load can be seen at all times. This feature is highly appreciated by operators as it increases safety and makes control easier when manoeuvring. This visibility enables the operator to see, anticipate and, therefore, prevent.

The TH-175 has a robust structure capable of guaranteeing a high-performance level under any ground conditions can be parked outdoors in any weather. It is designed to withstand and not malfunction while working. It is fitted with the minimex system precisely in order to maintain its performance and anticipate breakdowns.

Likewise, the machine includes a design for tilting the cab and exposing its mechanical parts. The cab tilts using a gas cylinder system. This easy way of accessing all of the parts saves a lot of money when it comes replacing  a part. This forklift truck can be repaired in situ and can be transported on a lightweight trailer. It is designed so that you don’t have to go to the repair shop, not only due to the options to access the mechanical parts, but also because of its parts, which are 100% manufactured in Europe and ensure the machine has a long working life.