TH-160 forklift truck

The TH-160 forklift truck is a hydrostatic model in terms of both elevation and movement. It can lift a 1,600-kilo load up to 4 metres.

This is a medium-sized model with four-wheel drive traction for moving across muddy terrain with the possibility of deactivating the 4×4 drive to change to two-wheel traction, thereby saving on fuel and tyre wear.

The TH-160 is excellently designed with respect to weight distribution. It is so well balanced that it does not need a large counterweight like other forklifts with the same capacity. This is, without doubt, the key factor of this model in particular and the TH series in general. Suitable weight distribution means putting the engine under less stress and, as a result, cuts fuel spending.

In addition to distributing the weight, the wheels are quite big: 10.5/75-15.3 at the front and 8.0/75-15.3 at the rear; almost equal. The fact that the width of the machine is 160 cm means that it is an extremely stable vehicle capable of moving loads over any ground conditions.

The forklift is driven by a three-cylinder 33.2 horsepower Perkins engine. The ratio of power transferred to the ground in proportion to weight is exceptional. This become apparent after driving the TH-160, which performs superbly under any conditions.

This model is widely used on farms due to its high performance levels and also its reliability. It won’t let you down because it is designed not to malfunction. It is fitted with minimex at strategic points of the hydraulic system.

The mechanical parts can also be easily accessed by simply tilting the cab forward using a gas-cylinder powered mechanism. This means that the forklift does not have to be driven or taken to the repair shop because all of its parts can be reached there and then.

The TH-160 couldn’t be easier to drive and provides a totally intuitive and smooth driving experience. It has a slow and fast speed gear, a top speed of 17 km/h, as well as a slow approach system to ensure loads are not damaged during the lifting process. Its manoeuvrability is far better than any other forklift on the market thanks to the great visibility it provides both in open and closed cab mode. The latter is achieved using curved glass. This single-piece windscreen and roof unit means that the operator has an unobstructed view of the load at all times.

In short, the TH-160 is the forklift with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. A fantastic short- and long-term investment.