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We are the exclusive Agrimac distributor for the North or the United Kingdom with a hire fleet of Agrimac rough terrain 4×4 forklifts, Agrimac Dumpers and Agrimac Tractors for UK wide sale and hire. 

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We require all our clients to have a valid insurance policy to hire any of our machinery and equipment. We recommend obtaining shirt term hired in plant insurance if you do not currently have a valid policy.

TW12 forklift truck

The TW12 forklift truck is the smallest hydrostatic model of Agrimac’s TW series. It is the only one with direct traction provided by the Poclain in-wheel motor. Both in 4×4 and 4×2 mode. The 4×2 model is the only hydrostatic machine on the market.

TW16 forklift truck

Thanks to wheel motor technology, the TW16 forklift, designed in 2019, is placed in the forefront of the industrial and logistics sector. The hydraulic motors located in the each wheel axle provide a perfect transmission of power to the ground, thus gaining in efficiency and minimizing the loss of energy between combustion and translation. This type of equipment is much simpler than the old one with differential axles, has fewer mechanical parts, less weight, less fuel consumption and requires less service. In other words: longer machine life with greater savings in fuel and maintenance.

TW21 forklift truck

The TW21 forklift truck is a 50 HPwheel motors model with a 2.100 kg lifting capacity. Its design represents a technological breakthrough over its predecessor, the TH-210.

TW25 forklift truck

The TW25 is the most powerful forklift truck with the highest lifting capacity 2,500 kg in the compact range, which allow the user to work indoors and outdoors. It measures 2.1 metres in height and only 1.7 metres wide. Adding the 3.7 meters external turning circle, this model allows enhanced maneuverability and the ability to work in tight environments. The 35 cm ground clearance is a guarantee to overcome obstacles such as sinkholes, chasms, kerbs, stones, etc.

TH-160 forklift truck

The TH-160 forklift truck is a hydrostatic model in terms of both elevation and movement. It can lift a 1,600-kilo load up to 4 metres.

TH-175c forklift truck

The TH-175 forklift truck is a hydrostatic vehicle with four-wheel drive traction run by a four-cylinder fifty horsepower Perkins engine. It lifts 1,750 kilos to a height of four metres with ease.

TH-210 forklift truck

The TH-210 forklift truck is a 4×4 hydrostatic model fitted with a 50 horsepower Perkins engine capable of lifting 2,100 kg to a height of 4 metres.

TH-250 forklift truck

TH-250 forklift truck is a hydrostatic model with differential axle designed for industrial use. It lifts 2,500 kilos to heights of up to six metres thanks to the action of a fifty horsepower Deutz engine, which reaches a top speed of 24 km/h. This version of the TH series has been the preferred choice of construction sector professionals for many years. The capacity of lifting a quarter of a tonne is suitable to make the most of trips loaded with pallets of bricks, cement and building materials.

TH-300 forklift truck

The TH-300 hydrostatic forklift is a 4×4 model for industrial use. It lifts 3,000 kilos to a height of six metres. It is fitted with a four-cylinder Deutz engine that produces 65 horsepower and a top speed of 24 km/h.

TH-350 forklift truck

The TH-350 hydrostatic forklift is a four-wheel drive model designed for industrial use. Lifts 3,500 kilos to a height of six metres. This is the best equipped and most powerful model manufactured by Agrimac. It is fitted with a 65 HP Deutz engine and has a top speed of 24 km/h under full load.