DW20 hydrostatic dumper

This dumper is based on in-wheel technology. The DW20 is the only dumper on the market that uses this technology on a rigid chassis. This configuration provides a first-class combination of torque strength and power that makes the DW20 one of a kind in its category.

It is a completely new model that represents a giant leap n terms of technology and quality within the Agrimac range of dumpers. The DW20 consists of two models relating to the two drive configurations: 4×4 DW20-4 and 4×2 DW20-2. The only difference between these two models is the traction. All of the other features are exactly the same, including the Poclain in-wheel motors. The 4×4 version can use a self-loader. This is a very robust implement designed to tackle any job. It can load up to 300 kilos rapidly while the machine remains completely stable, thus preventing vibrations and any sudden, abrupt movements.

The DW20 dumper can carry two tonnes. For a machine of this capacity, it is robust and compact. It es less than two metres high, which makes it ideal for going through doors and working inside buildings. It is also very narrow at less than 1.6 metres. These two dimensions combined make the DW20 easy to operate and perfect for working in confined spaces.

Manoeuvrability is another of the DW20’s strong points. It has a really low centre of gravity and is, therefore, extremely stable. This is especially apparent on gradients and uneven terrain.

In the latter aspect above, the DW20 comes top of the class among rigid European dumpers due to its 395 mm of ground clearance, which enables it to navigate all manner of obstacles and move easily over uneven ground. Differential axle dumpers do not usually have more than 255 mm of ground clearance.