We are the exclusive Agrimac distributor for the North or the United Kingdom with a hire fleet of Agrimac rough terrain 4×4 forklifts, Agrimac Dumpers and Agrimac Tractors for UK wide sale and hire. 

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DW20 hydrostatic dumper

This dumper is based on in-wheel technology. The DW20 is the only dumper on the market that uses this technology on a rigid chassis. This configuration provides a first-class combination of torque strength and power that makes the DW20 one of a kind in its category.

DH-351 AHG articulated and hydrostatic dumper

Agrimac’s DH-351 AHG articulated and hydrostatic dumper has been designed with the best component on the market to perform the most demanding tasks involved in the movement of aggregates and cement.

DH-401 AHG articulated and hydrostatic dumper

The team of engineers working on the DH-401 AHG had two objectives when designing it: to make the operator’s job easier and to create an indestructible machine. This dumper has achieved both: It combines the best parts on the market with an unbeatable design capable of moving any type of material around a site over all types of terrain.