DH-401 AHG articulated and hydrostatic dumper

The team of engineers working on the DH-401 AHG had two objectives when designing it: to make the operator’s job easier and to create an indestructible machine. This dumper has achieved both: It combines the best parts on the market with an unbeatable design capable of moving any type of material around a site over all types of terrain.

The DH-401 AHG parts are all European and made by the most prestigious manufacturers. We have selected the best from the market to make the best dumper.

Its engine is a four-cylinder, low-consumption water-cooled Perkins that generates fifty horsepower.

The collection of first-class elements continues with the Dana Spicer 211 series differential axles and the hydrostatic equipment supplied by German firm Bosch Rexroth. All of the above combined with the robust design of the chassis and the hopper makes the DH-401 AHG a machine that is built to work for many years in an extremely demanding environment, such as that of construction.

In addition to this, just as with the DH-351, this dumper’s little brother, our design team has paid special attention to the loading and unloading of the hopper. We have designed it with 180º hydraulic rotation so that it can perform operations such as, for example: unloading aggregates into a container situated to the side of the dumper and making it easier to tip cement into a trench.

This dumper avoids having to make unnecessary trips as all the material loaded can be unloaded every time. This is thanks to the curved design of the bottom of the hopper, which makes it so much easier to fully empty it. Therefore, this dumper is a perfect match for other machines such as mini-excavators, thereby increasing the pace of work and productivity.

As well as its high performance levels, the DH-401 AHG is a comfortable dumper to drive and capable of switching to 4×4 to overcome all types of obstacles such as kerbs, stones, muddy terrain and gradients of up to 42%. Its fantastic 3.92 metres turning circle and Dana Spicer oscillating rear axle not only make this dumper extremely nimble, but also safe and comfortable to drive.