a9100 Articulated Tractor

The a9100 articulated tractor is the best of its kind, namely articulated vehicles with equal-sized wheels, also known as isodiametric articulated tractors. This one is fitted with a four-cylinder turbocharged Deutz engine producing 78.2 horsepower.

It is manufactured using the finest parts on the market. It is worth highlighting some of its features starting with the twenty-four speed synchronised gearbox: twelve forward and twelve reverse with synchronised reverse drive. Its top speed of 40 kilometres per hour are also highly appreciated when travelling from job to job, long roads and farm tracks. The front and rear wheel dual transfer is fundamental when pulling heavy loads.

The a9100’s work capacity is excellent. The two cylinders of the rear-mounted lift can lift 2,300 kilos. It has a multitude of power take-offs, distributors and outputs. It is compatible with all types of implements and tools to always provide a fantastic performance.

Its robust structure and the quality of its materials greatly extend the working life of the tractor and significantly bring down its maintenance costs which are already low as its in comparison with other tractors with the same features.

The driving experience is unbeatable; firstly, due to the feeling of safety, which is so much more than just a feeling, but a reality derived from specific top-quality devices such as the hydraulically powered independent front and rear brakes or the fully hydraulic steering. Secondly, there is the comfort provided by the anti-vibration system, the smooth steering and the driver’s seat which adjusts its cushioning to the weight of the driver. Furthermore, the seat can not only be adjusted according to height, but can also be moved forwards and backwards.

The a9100 tractor is a top-of-the-range machine that is worthy of that name, an investment for the future and a profitable tool. Don’t forget to check out its technical specifications below.