a9080 Articulated Tractor

The a9080 articulated tractor is an isodiametric model, in other words fitted with equal wheels, which can be of several measurements, with a four-cylinder Deutz engine that provides 65 HP.

It is an exceptional machine, due to its performance and power, the quality of its parts, safety and comfortable working. As is the case with the other machines in the series, namely the a9070 and the a9100, it is fitted with the strongest cast steel gearbox on the market.

The gearbox is synchronised across its twenty-four speeds: twelve forward and a further twelve reverse with synchronised reverse drive. It has a top speed of forty kilometres per hour.

The experience of driving and working with the machine is more than satisfactory for many reasons: firstly, due to its work capacity in general and its compatibility with a multitude of implements in particular. The rear-mounted lift has two cylinders capable of lifting 2,300 kilos. It has an outstanding pulling and towing capacity. It is extremely versatile and very comfortable.

Regarding this aspect, it is worth highlighting that the suspension and cushioning of the seat can be adjusted in accordance with the driver’s weight and, of course, the height of the seat can also be adjusted and it can be moved backwards and forwards.

The a9080 tractor is assembled using parts of the highest quality which result in the excellent performance and long working life of the machine, as well as reduced maintenance costs. Regarding the last point, it is worth highlighting that it is the accessibility of the consumables that enable the user to change filters, fluids, etc. him-herself, thereby saving visits to the repair shop.