a9070 Articulated Tractor

The a9070 articulated tractor is an isodiametric model, in other words, all its wheels are the same size. It is compatible with several sets of wheels, the details of which are provided in the technical specifications. It is fitted with a four-cylinder turbocharged Perkins engine capable of generating 60.30 HP.

This is a truly powerful, hard-working machine, and it is robust, not only structurally, but also part-wise, and this is what guarantees the durability that users of Agrimac tractors find so appealing.

The gearbox is synchronised to the twenty-four speeds: twelve forward and a further twelve reverse with synchronised reverse drive. It is able to lift 2,300 kilos, meaning it can be attached to any implement.

The a9070 is a real pleasure to drive, not only because of the height- and length- adjustable seat with its suspension and cushioning, but also due to the smoothness of the steering, which has an independent hydraulic circuit and double-acting steering cylinder. In addition to this, there is the feeling of safety that is so much more than just a feeling; the hydraulic disc braking system with independent servo and parking brakes convert feeling into reality.

It’s well worth taking a moment to check out the details of this magnificent tractor in the specifications shown below to see just what it is that makes the a9070 such a recommendable machine.