A607 DK diesel rotary tiller

The A607 DK rotary tiller is the diesel version of the 607 model. The outstanding feature of both versions is their power to weight ratio, which makes this rotary tiller a truly comfortable tool to work with while providing optimum performance. The gear drive transmission provided by a gearbox is a testament to the quality of the product.

The diesel model is expressly designed for those who work long hours and, especially, for those working with steep slopes. The 7.5 horsepower Kama engine guarantees high performance on sloping terrain.

In addition to its power, this rotary tiller is exceedingly easy to handle, not only because of its weight, but also due to its gearing. It has four gears: three forward and one reverse. The three forward gears are high for rough tillage, medium for breaking the soil up into medium-sized lumps and low for fine tillage.

It goes without saying that the filter of the cooling system is oil-bath in order to prevent the dust raised by working dry ground from causing engine problems.

An extremely interesting feature is the ability to adjust the width of the cutter from 60 to 125 centimetres according to the ground conditions being worked. This option is especially useful when working on uneven ground. The performance of the Kama engine enables ploughing depths of up to 30 centimetres in soft soils and 15 in harder ones.

If its benefits, features and performance you’re after, it’s almost impossible to find a better rotary tiller anywhere on the market.