A-607 petrol rotary tiller

The 607 rotary tiller is a technically highly advanced professional model. It has four gears: three forward and one reverse. The first forward gear is extremely low and intended for hiling. It can also be fitted with farming implements such as a potato lifter.

The second is medium and configured for rough tillage. The third, namely high gear, is used for fine tillage. Finally, the reverse gear is perfect for manoeuvring, which enables the rotary tiller to be used in confined spaces such as greenhouses. It also includes a safety system that prevents sudden or uncontrolled movements that might result in accidents.

This rotary tiller turns the soil to depths of between 15 and 25 centimetres depending on the cutter used and the type of soil being worked. In soft soils such as those found alongside rivers it can work as deep as 30 centimetres.

One of the most attractive features of the 607 model is its gear drive transmission and gearbox. The marketplace is full of machines fitted with belt and pulley transmissions, which imply supplementary maintenance costs, part failures, breakdowns, etc. Its gearing system makes the 607 model a machine that is reliable, extremely long-lasting and cheap to maintain.

The engine of the 607 rotary tiller is expressly designed to work in dry and dusty ground conditions. It is fitted with an oil-bath air filter. This means that the dust raised does not affect the cooling circuit or damage the engine.

The 607 range includes a diesel version designed for those who work large areas of land with steep and long slopes. Its engine produces 2 horsepower more than its petrol counterpart.

Generally speaking, the diesel version is designed for those who need to till large areas of land. While they do not require a walk-behind tractor, a petrol rotary tiller would not serve their purposes. It weighs a few kilos more than the petrol version, but this is more than compensated by the increase in power.

It would be difficult to find a rotary tiller on the market, wether petrol or diesel, with anywhere near the power to weight ratio of the 607, with its high performance and full array of features.