A-1015 Diesel Walk-Behind Tractor

The A1015 walk-behind tractor is the most complete machine manufactured by Agrimac. Here in Spain it is also affectionately known as the Mechanical Mule. It is the most powerful and best equipped of any of the machines manufactured by Agrimac.

Its two-cylinder Lombardini diesel engine is more than a match for any agricultural task. It is designed to work flat out every day with minimum maintenance.

This is every inch a professional’s machine and all of its equipment is top-of-the-range, hence its excellent performance. So much so that it can be used with accessories for shredding branches and implements such as a double cutter, a stone burier, ploughs, ridging ploughs, etc. The coherence of its gearbox coupled with the power of the engine enable the use of an endless number of implements.

This is an especially robust walk-behind tractor with a cast steel gearbox and a reinforced structure for withstanding the most adverse of conditions. These include the weather and the terrain. The cutter is 80 centimetres long and fitted with sixteen blades with transport wheels. It can plough the hardest of soils tilling down to a great depth.

It has six gears: four forward and two reverse. This, combined with its height-adjustable and 180-degree reversible handlebars, enables it to work both backwards and forwards and have a wide range of work implements attached to it in any position. It also features a synchronized gear for attaching a driven trailer. The connection is made using a drive shaft, with the result being a mini tractor.

This walk-behind tractor is certified by the Spanish Ministry for Industry to work with 6.50, 80-12 and, optionally, 700-12 wheels. The last of these wheel sizes provides a high speed when the walk-behind tractor is used with a trailer. Its other certification allows it to be used with a road registered trailer complete with its own MOT certificate.

This ‘mechanical mule’ is a one-off. You won´t find a more powerful and robust machine anywhere on the market. In our opinion it is, without doubt, the number one walk-behind tractor .