A-1012 Petrol Walk-Behind Tractor

The A1012 walk-behind tractor is the petrol version of the A1011. Like its diesel counterpart, this is a machine designed with professionals in mind. The main difference is the engine. The A1012 has an 8.6 horsepower Honda petrol engine.

Although its features place it firmly within the professional category, it is the most sought-after machine among occasional farmers who are looking for a walk-behind tractor with these characteristics without having to invest a great deal of money. In the professional range of walk behind tractors, the A1012 is the most competitively priced, and this is why it is so popular with domestic users who are looking for a machine that is more than capable of tackling the tasks they bought it for or who want to use it semi-professionally.

The A1012 is really lightweight. Its 120 kg complete with wheels and cutter make it a lightweight machine that is easy to handle while its 8.6 horsepower ensure comfortable working.

Its fixtures and fittings make it a very comfortable machine to use: it has height-adjustable and 180-degree reversible handlebars to enable the attachment of a wide range of implements.

As far as gears are concerned, it has six: three forward and three reverse. The high gears for rough tilling, the middle ones for obtaining medium-sized lumps and the low gears are for fine tilling.