A-1011 diesel walk-behind tractor

The A1011 diesel walk-behind tractor features a range of professional features, performance levels and components. And within this category, in comparison with all the other machines on the market, it is the lightest in relation to the 11 horsepower it produces.

This feature is extremely important given that weight determines the farmer’s working capacity, the time they spend out in the field and how comfortably the work can be done. For this reason, the lightness of the A1011 can turn a hard day’s tilling into an easy one. And for a farmer this is of vital importance.

Another comfort factor for the farmer is the A1011’s key-operated electric starter. This makes beginning a working day in the cold so much easier and means that the operator does not have to endure the endless frustration of the manual start.

The professional type features offered by the A1011 range from the differential locking, independent and simultaneous brakes, 11 horsepower Lombardini engine and the reinforced structure of the walk-behind tractor to the six-speed gearbox.

This walk-behind tractor has six gears: three forward and three reverse. In both directions it has a high gear for rough tilling, a medium gear for obtaining smaller lumps and a low gear for fine tilling.

And mention must be made of another of the A1011’s essential features, namely its capacity for working on extremely steep slopes thanks to its 11 horsepower Lombardini engine. It can deal with virtually all ground conditions no matter how steep the slope.

As with all Agria models, the handlebars are adjustable and reversible, thereby making them adaptable to a multitude of tasks and compatible with an endless number of attachable implements.

Finally, the A1011 walk-behind tractor is certified by the Spanish Ministry for Industry for working with a trailer and it can therefore be registered for road use and get an MOT certificate. Although this is not a technical feature, many farmers who use this walk-behind model as a small conventional tractor see it as an essential one.