A-1007 Petrol Walk-Behind Tractor

The 1007 walk-behind tractor is the most advanced of the hobby range, which is designed for domestic use and working plots of around one hectare.

The 1007 model is the later version of the 1006. The former is better equipped for those who require higher performance levels. This mainly applies to power. The 1007 has a four-stroke Honda GX200 engine that makes it a machine with an excellent work capacity.

Its four-speed gearbox makes it possible to determine the type of work being done by the blades in the soil: rough or fine tilling. The two reverse gears, high and low, are of great use when combined with the reversible handlebars for working with front-mounted implements such as a toothed mower.

The width of the cutter can also be adjusted. This makes the machine very useful for domestic working on plots that might be uneven and feature narrow openings.

The tyres used on the 1007 are of a size closer to professional than domestic standards: 400 x 10. It is thanks to these that the power of the Honda engine is efficiently transferred to the cutters.

Another noteworthy feature is the reversible manual starter. The configuration of this starter with the two reverse and forward gears and combined with the reversible handlebars give the 1007 its versatility and make it easy to adapt to any job and compatible with a wide range of implements.