A-1006 Petrol Walk-Behind Tractor

The 1006 walk-behind tractor is the smallest of our range. It is light, and therefore easy to manoeuvre. It is intended for domestic use and working small plots: in the region of one hectare. It is also the most suitable machine for those who only ocasionally work the land or are just starting out in agriculture.

This model is designed to last and last. It is fitted with a gearbox and gear-drive, meaning that it hardly needs any maintenance and, of course, far less than belt-drive walk-behind tractors. The 1006’s fantastic power to weight ratio guarantees stable and consistent working, ideal for ridge ploughing and mowing.

One of this machine’s many outstanding features is its height-adjustable and 180-degree reversible handlebars. This makes it possible to use front-mounted implements such as hay cutters, lawnmowers, etc. in both directions, forward and reverse.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to adjust the width of the cutter by up to 50 centimetres. This means you can set the working width to suit every job.

Simplicity, reliability, comfort and versatility. Anyone looking for these qualities in a walk-behind tractor will find them every day during the long working life of the 1006 model.