91115 REV articulated reversible tractor

The 91115 REV articulated tractor is a reversible and isodiametric model, in other words, all its wheels are of equal size. It is fitted with a Deutz engine that provides 102 horsepower.

It is Agrimac’s most powerful tractor, very versatile and robust; designed to work non-stop and maintain its high performance levels with low maintenance costs. This is due to the high quality of all of its components, which make it so reliable, its design and the ease of access to the vehicle’s principal elements. Especially those that need to be changed every so often, such as the filters, fluid reservoirs, etc. This accessibility makes it easy for the users to perform the task of replacing the consumables themselves.

It is also a tractor that really hits the mark where comfort is concerned: The angle of the steering column can be adjusted; the driver’s seat is mechanically cushioned. The point where the engine meets the chassis is also buffered using the silent-block system. The cab controls are also positioned to ensure a comfortable ride. It has suspended clutch-brakes and reverse drive is achieved using pedals. The button-activated reverse gear featured as standard ensures that the operation of the tractor is totally intuitive and enjoyable. This system prevents the driver from having to constantly press down the reverse drive pedal as is the case with other makes of tractor.

This model is excellently equipped and we therefore recommend you check out the technical specifications table in detail. In any case, it is worth highlighting the synchronised thirty-two gear transmission: sixteen forward and the same number in reverse, with power reverse clutch. It is fitted with the Mechanical Synchro Shuttle and Creeper system.

Another element worth highlighting is the L-shaped arms to facilitating the rapid attachment of implements such as the loading towers. The push button attachment couldn’t be simpler, with there being no need to hold down the clutch.