91105 REV articulated reversible tractor

The 91105 reversible tractor is one of Agrimac’s most powerful models. Its drive unit is a 97.5 horsepower Deutz engine. It is an isodiametric model certified for being fitted with different wheel sets.

One of the main features that make it so popular within the farming community is the push-button reverse-drive function. This element allows the tractor to be driven like a tank. One control is used to set both the forward and reverse drive without having to hold down the clutch. During a working day this device saves thousands of movements that have to be made when using other tractors on the market.

Other features designed with comfort in mind are the L-shaped arms that make the attachment of implements such as loading towers so much easier. This deployment of the arms enables effortless implement coupling.

In addition to the devices that make driving and working in general easier, the 91105’s cab lacks nothing in the comfort department. The way all the controls are deployed means they can be activated with a single movement. Then there is the mechanical suspension seat, and the angle of the steering column can be adjusted to adapt it to the size and shape of every driver.

The silent-block system is another crucial element comfort-wise as it reduces the engine vibration that drivers find so tiring. It also lengthens the working life of all the components by reducing material stress.

This is the perfect moment to point out that all of the 91105’s components are of the highest quality and manufactured in Europe: everything from the engine down to the smallest nut have passed European quality assurance tests.

This tractor is designed to provide maximum performance under the most demanding conditions, to remain fault-free and to keep working with minimum maintenance costs way beyond the expected working life of the average tractor on the market.

Just as with all of Agrimac’s other tractors, the 91105 REV’s entire range of consumables, such as filters and fluid reservoirs, are within easy reach, meaning they can be replaced by the driver without the machine having to be taken to a repair shop.

This tractor could not be better equipped, and we recommend you take a moment to read the following technical specifications.