9055-F orchard and vineyard tractor

The 9055F orchard and vineyard tractor is a rigid model specifically designed for working in orchards, vineyards and fruit producing greenhouses. Its main feature is its great manoeuvrability, which makes it easy to drive in narrow spaces or in places with many obstacles such as orchards.

This is a compact tractor equipped with a very powerful engine. The four-cylinder Yanmar engine generates 50 horsepower. This enables the 9055F to tackle any job, no matter how demanding, using all types of implements. Its pulling power is hard to match both on flat and steeply sloping terrain. It is fitted with a movement independent power take-off.

For its size, the 9055F tractor has a roomy and comfortable driving platform, which makes it the ideal machine for long working days. Its twelve-speed synchronised gears, eight forward and eight reverse, mean that the tractor can be driven like a car. It is not necessary to stop the tractor in order to change gear. What’s more, the gear stick is located to the right of the steering wheel. The same as in a utility vehicle.

As is the case with the entire series of Agrimac tractors, the parts are of the highest quality on the market, and it is designed and built to make it as cheap as possible to maintain and reduce repair shop dependence. All it takes is opening the bonnet to see that the filters and belts are all within easy reach; ready for the farmer to replace them by himself.