9045-F orchard and vineyard tractor

The 9045F orchard and vineyard tractor is a rigid model specially designed for fruit harvesting seasons. This is a tractor that is both compact and very powerful. This combination makes it ideal for moving around in orchards and vineyards with reduced space between rows, in greenhouses and, in general, in plantations where space is at a premium.

The 9045F orchard and vineyard tractor is fitted with a 1,642 cc three-cylinder direct and progressive injection Yanmar engine. Thanks to its 36 horsepower, the 9045 orchard and vineyard tractor can be combined with any implement, making it suitable for all manner of tasks: spraying, hoeing, harrowing, ploughing, etc. both on flat and steeply sloping terrains. Comfortable working is guaranteed thanks to the movement independent power take-off.

Despite its small size, this machine provides great stability and driving comfort thanks to its front 260/70 R 16 and rear 300/70 R20 wheels. This range of Agrimac tractors of less than 40 horsepower is the only one on the market certified to be fitted with 18-inch wheels. These provide improved vision and a greater distance between the chassis and the ground.

Another important feature of the 9045F orchard and vineyard tractor is synchronised gears, which enables the machine to be driven like a utility vehicle. It is not necessary to stop in order to change gear. Furthermore, the gear levers are located to the right of the steering wheel, just as they are in a car. These two special features combine to guarantee an unbeatable driving experience.

As with all Agrimac tractors, this machine is fitted with the best components and features the latest technical advances as standard. As part of our policy to make maintenance easier, all consumables, such as filters, belts, etc. are both easy to reach and even easier to change. So much so that many of the maintenance tasks can easily be performed by the farmers themselves without the tractor having to be taken to a repair shop.