9045 Articulated Tractor

The 9045 articulated tractor is the upgrade of the old Agrimac 9900 and 8900 that now features all the performance and comfort levels of a current model. This tractor is fitted with a three-cylinder Yanmar engine that generates thirty-six horsepower. It has a very low fuel consumption thanks to the direct and progressive injection system.

This Agrimac series is the only one on the market to have obtained certification to be fitted with 18-inch wheels. This gives the machine greater ground clearance and improved driver vision.

This is a highly manoeuvrable model, very useful in greenhouses, vineyards and intensive crops with little space for machines. Its incredible turning circle makes it ideal for avoiding extra manoeuvres at the end of crop lines.

The 9045 articulated tractor provides a highly satisfactory work experience, especially where comfort is concerned. All the gear levers are located next to the steering wheel and they can be operated with the least possible effort, just as in a car. Another comfort factor is the anti-vibrations system: As is the case with more powerful tractors, the driving position is mounted on a semi-platform that reduces the vibrations in the seat column and steering wheel. Another comfort-related element to be highlighted is the power take-off, which is semi-independent of the drive system.

The synchronised-type gearbox offers twelve speeds: eight forward and four reverse. The synchronisers enable rapid changes of speed, even while on the move, without damaging the transmission.

As with all Agrimac tractors, the articulated 9045 has a robust structure and all its components are of the highest quality. All in the interest of the vehicle’s strength, durability and reliability. This latter also includes the scarce need for maintenance. Any necessary maintenance is very low-cost. This is mainly due to the location of the consumable elements such as belts, fluid reservoirs, filters, etc., which are all within easy reach, meaning any of them can be replaced by the user him-/herself without having to go to a repair shop.